Free Event: Making Books with the children of Mbollet-Ba Village, The Gambia

Children's Tent


Salusbury School at Queens Park is twinned with an African village primary school. Mbollet-Ba in The Gambia is a typical sub-Saharan farming settlement: a vibrant culture facing many challenges around health, environment and incomes. Ten years of volunteering and visiting by Queen Park families and teachers have helped to build up the levels of literacy and numeracy, to raise teaching and learning standards, and improve health and livelihoods.


Writing books to read aloud in school and at home is one of the activities in Mbollet-Ba developed through this partnership. During their visits, pupils from Queens Park schools have, mentored and encouraged the Gambian students as storytellers.

Finish your festival by reading some books made by these far-away young authors supported by the Queens Park community. For children it’s hands on: you will be helped by local students and parents to create and write similar small books and these will be donated to readers in Mbollet-ba on the next exchange visit.

Free Event