Queen's Park Area Residents' Association

Queen’s Park Area Residents’ Association (QPARA) was created over 40 years ago by local residents as an entirely voluntary organisation keen to preserve the integrity of the conservation area. Over the last few years QPARA has headed up and contributed to many initiatives that help the local community on a daily basis.

We are in the area of the London Borough of Brent bounded on the north by the London Overground railway line, on the south by the main railway line into Euston; on the west by the properties on the Queen’s Park side of Chamberlayne Road; and on the east by Donaldson Road/Woodville Road, the boundary of Paddington Cemetery and the properties on the west side of Willesden Lane


QPARA is a democratic voluntary organisation, but not a charity. No members get paid for the work they do for the Association. Further details of QPARA’s constitution can be found on the QPARA website.