Dr. Waheed Arian in conversation with Tom Goodman

An extraordinary story of conflict, survival and saving lives.

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NHS A&E doctor Waheed Arian discusses his extraordinary life and his book In the Wars: A Doctor’s Story of Conflict, Survival and Saving Lives with Tom Goodman.

“A thrilling and absorbing read from first to last. What a life and what an inspiration.”

stephen fry

Dr Waheed Arian

Waheed Arian is an NHS A&E doctor. His pioneering charity, Arian Teleheal, works directly with clinicians on the ground, and provides governments and global organizations with a blueprint for delivering innovative healthcare and education. Dr Arian has been recognized as a UNESCO Global Hope Hero, a UN Global Goals Goalkeeper, an NHS Innovation Mentor, and was appointed to the WHO Roster of Digital Health Experts in 2019. In the UK, he has been awarded the Rotary International Peace Award and the prime minister’s Points of Light Award. He is a sought-after speaker at national and international conferences and events.

His book In the Wars: A Doctor’s Story of Conflict, Survival and Saving Lives is published by Bantam Press in September 2021.

Tom Goodman

Tom Goodman is a lawyer who writes widely and has been involved in many local events which have explored literary, political and social issues, as well as issues specifically to do with refugees. 

Tom has been involved with Salusbury World Refugee Centre, which is based in Queen’s Park, for many years. He is particularly passionate about mentoring refugees, which he says can not only make a huge difference to the life of the mentee, but also to the life of the mentor.