Ulysses at 100: Martin Rosenbaum, Adam Low & Eimear McBride

An exclusive QPBF event celebrating a new BBC documentary on Joyce’s masterpiece

This year marks the centenary of first publication in Paris of James Joyce’s landmark Modernist novel (which remained banned in the UK and US for years afterwards).  Martin Rosenbaum and Adam Low have produced a documentary, James Joyce’s Ulysses, which will be broadcast this autumn in BBC2’s Arena programme.  Here they will talk to Womens’ Prize-winning novelist Eimear McBride about the history, difficulty and sheer prodigality of this great novel, and show clips from their film.

Below: Paul Muldoon and Salman Rushdie; a clip from Arena: James Joyce’s Ulysses

Below: Anne Enright and Eimear McBride; a clip from Arena: James Joyce’s Ulysses

Eimear Mcbride

Eimear McBride is the author of the novels The Lesser Bohemians (winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize) and A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing (winner of the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction, the Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year Award, the Goldsmiths Prize, and others). She was the inaugural creative fellow at the Beckett Research Centre, University of Reading, and occasionally writes for the Guardian, the Times Literary SupplementNew Statesman, and The Irish Times. Her most recent novel is Strange Hotel.