The Big What!

Basmah Mohamed, Lashay Green, Sharmay Mitchell, Prestige Karlla & AMD SPEAKS fabulous performance poetry from some of Brent’s finest poets.

Performance poets return to the Community Tent!

The Community Tent is delighted to present more fabulous performance poetry from some of Brent’s finest poets. 

With Sharmay Mitchell, Basmah Mohamed, Lashay Green and AMD Speaks. Hosted by performance poetry maestro Prestige Karlla.

Free event! No ticket required.

Basmah Mohamed

Basmah Mohamed, aka Bas the Poet, is a poet, writer, and spoken word artist from London. Basmah is a published writer and also the author of the following children’s books: Marvellous Marvin and the Missing Puzzle Pieces and Marvin’s Memories, stories she wrote for Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries. 

Basmah works with various organisations within London and the UK, and schools on all things poetry through performances and workshops. She also self publishes through her Instagram and Twitter which are both @basthepoet. To explore more of her work and to contact her:

Lashay Green

Lashay is a poet, spoken word artist and playwright from north-west London. Her past creative involvements include Apples and Snakes, Kiln Theatre, Fizzy Sherbet Podcasts, Lyric Hammersmith and she was shortlisted for the 2022 Roundhouse Poetry Slam. Lashay was also a part of the recent cohort of Soho Writers Lab, where she wrote her debut play.

Sharmay Mitchell

Sharmay Mitchell is an author, illustrator, poet, jewellery maker, stop motion animator and all-round hive of creative energy. Her debut poetry collection be the Uplifter: Positive Poems is available on Amazon and will also be available at this year’s festival. The collection delivers a lexical party of inspiration and motivation with intricate illustrations that can be coloured in.

With the firm belief that variety is the spice of life, Sharmay also creates visual art. Her stop motion film ‘She Left Me’ screened at the 2021 Raindance Film Festival, she has performed poetry at the Royal Albert Hall for the Notting Hill Carnival’s 2020 virtual event and her jewellery designs have been featured in an Issa Rae production.

Instagram: @sharmaymitchell

Prestige Karlla

A poet, a curator, a mother and an educator, Prestige Karlla has been on the poetry scene for over five years, performing, hosting and collaborating with some of the dopest spoken work artists in and around London. Currently in the process of finishing a long-awaited book, Karlla brings a zesty feminine touch to the scene. Using thought-provoking metaphors to explore real life experiences, Prestige Karlla transports listeners through a journey of self-discovery, reflection and deep desire.


Described by many as the man with a liquid lexicon and chocolate voice, author and spoken word artist AMD SPEAKS (Aaron Daniel) delivers a form of writing that is layered, with ripened fruit beneath the pith, married with incredible soundscapes. After releasing his first collection of poems ‘And Then’, with a short story intertwined, pulling the poems together as a sum of parts to form a whole, and debut EP “Black Holes” and most recently “Black Holes II” showcasing his musicality, he is currently working on the release of his highly anticipated second book. 

With work filled with introspection and subject matters ranging from love and the essence of being, to politics and current affairs, AMD SPEAKS weaves words together to create a beautiful, powerful and melodic tapestry displaying his unique perspective of the universe.

Instagram: @official_amd_speaks

Twitter: @amdspeaks

YouTube: amdspeaksvevo