How to judge a book by its cover: a masterclass in design

Two of the country’s finest book designers reveal their secrets and inspiration

Jamie Keenan and Queen’s Park resident Greg Heinimann are two of the country’s finest book designers. Together they have created covers for many of the most celebrated authors in the world, designing thousands of book covers and pioneering the exciting art of cover design.

In this unique event for Queen’s Park Book Festival, Jamie and Greg will be in discussion with Festival Director Thomas du Plessis on how to create the perfect book cover.

“Looking back over Heinimann’s body of work, the variety of subjects covered and creative styles explored by the designer is remarkable.”

creative review – april 2021

Greg Heinimann

Greg Heinimann is Debuty Creative Director at Bloomsbury Publishing, where he designs and illustrates literary fiction and non-fiction book covers on the Adult Trade list. He studied at Camberwell College of Art, Goldsmiths College, Central Saint Martins, and began his cover design career at Vintage (Penguin Random House).

Awards include: