Queen’s Park Voices, hosted by Chrys Salt MBE

With Louise McStravick. John Morrison, Judith Amanthis and Amanda Epe

Four local writers and poets discuss their work and read pieces written especially for the Queen’s Park Book Festival. Featuring Louise McStravick, Amanda Epe, Judith Amanthis and John Morrison in conversation with local poet Chrys Salt MBE.

Judith Amanthis

Judith Amanthis’ short fiction has been published in UK online and print literary magazines and her journalism in Ghanaian, South African and UK publications. Black Lives Matter, Poems for a New World, November 2020, & Untitled Writing, June 2021, have published her poetry. Her novel Dirt Clean, Victorina Press 2019, was short-listed in June 2021 for the Society of Authors’ Paul Torday Memorial Prize

Amanda Epe

Amanda Epe BEM is a writer and founder of the Fly Girls Wellness organisation. She is an award-winning author of aviation, adventure, and travel books for children and young people. Lonely Planet 2021 listed her memoir A Fly Girl Travel Tales in the top twelve books to read by black female travel writers. She enjoys writing poetry for storytelling and as a catharsis. You can connect with her on social media @iamamandaepe on Instagram

Louise McStravick

Louise is a writer and educator from Birmingham. She has performed her poetry across the UK and abroad and has had her work featured on BBC Berkshire. Recent work has appeared in Ink Sweat and Tears, Lacuna Lit and Dear Damsels. Her first collection, How to Make Curry Goat is out now with Fly on the Wall Press

John Morrison

John Morrison is an award-winning journalist (editor Newsnight, features editor The Independent, editor news and current affairs BBC World Service), media consultant and speech writer. His prize-winning poetry has appeared in a wide range of magazines including the New Statesman, South Bank Poetry, Poetry News, Reach and The Dawn Treader.