Tessa Hadley

Tessa Hadley


“Tessa Hadley has become one of this country’s great contemporary novelists … possessed of a psychological subtlety reminiscent of Henry James, and an ironic beadiness worthy of Jane Austen” Guardian

Tessa Hadley lives in Cardiff and teaches Literature and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, her special interests including Jane Austen, Henry James, Jean Rhys and Elizabeth Bowen.

She reviews regularly for the London Review of Books. She wrote a study of Henry James in 2002 – Henry James and the Imagination of Pleasure – and is the author of five novels: Accidents in the Home (2002); Everything Will Be All Right (2003); The Master Bedroom (2007); The London Train (2011) and Clever Girl (2014).

Her short stories have been published in The New Yorker and Granta, and she has published three collections, Sunstroke and other stories in 2007, Married Love in 2013 and Bad Dreams and Other Stories (2017).


Author Photo Credit: Mark Vessey


Event 26: Reading and Writing with Susie Boyt, Tessa Hadley and Lucy Hughes-Hallett

Alexander McKenzie Stage

To be a good writer you first have to be a good reader. Three novelists, Susie Boyt, Tessa Hadley and Lucy Hughes-Hallett, discuss the importance of reading to them as writers. Who were their inspirations, and what did they learn from them? Susie’s novel Love and Fame, Tessa’s short story collection Bad Dreams, and Lucy’s novel […]

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