Sharmay Mitchell

Sharmay Mitchell


Sharmay lists poetry among her many creative interests. She draws writing inspiration from personal experiences and completely random snippets of conversations and words and phrases heard in everyday situations. In April of 2017 she took on the challenge of producing at least one creative piece every day and is well past 700 days of consecutive creating. While poetry writing predominates this challenge, she also draws, paints, designs jewellery, creates digital art and writes and performs puppet show stories for children and adults. In 2018, she was placed third in the 2018 London Loop Writing competition. Sharmay has lived in or around the Queen’s Park area all of her life and attended last year’s book festival as a volunteer with aspirations of being on the community stage this year! Her dream is to acquire levels of success to rival J.K. Rowling and Jim Henson so that she can quit her day job and write full time on a tropical island somewhere.

12:30 – 13:30 Queen’s Park Voices

Queen's Park Community Tent

Four local writers poets and playwrights discuss their work and read pieces written especially for the Queen’s Park Book Festival. Featuring: Lilly Driscoll, Andrew Grady, Lucille Findlay and Sharmay Mitchell in conversation with author and Queen’s Park Community Tent programmer Hud Saunders.

Free Event