Rico De Almeida

Rico De Almeida

Founder of Queen's Park Collective

De Almeida started out spinning records to pay for his love of music and ever-expanding record collection. On moving to Queen’s Park he discovered a pool of vibrant, talented people who were not getting the recognition he felt they deserved. To right this situation, Almeida founded the Queen’s Park Collective (QPC), an umbrella organisation designed to showcase the talent of the local area and bring it to a wider audience. QPC held events all around the Queen’s Park area and QPC artists went on to establish themselves not just in London but across the globe. No artists or performers were ever asked for money and every event was free to all.

De Almeida is in the process of resurrecting QPC in 2018 to give a host of new talent the same opportunities. He is still DJing locally and across London.

Event 19: Young Poets of Queen’s Park

Queen's Park Community Tent

Five supremely talented and prize-winning local young poets read from their own work and poems written specifically for the Queen’s Park Book Festival. A pamphlet featuring the poems will be handed out to the audience on the day. Featuring: Luca Starkey Simpson, George William Batson, Edie Hamilton-Smith, Grace Hollamby, Scarlet Evans, Hosted by Queen’s Park Collective founder […]


QPBF Fringe Event: Music & Poetry


Caldo Bar and Kitchen Queen’s Park is proud to host writer and performance poet David Powell with local singer Andy Caine and DJ Rico De Almeida.

Fringe Event