Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson

Journalist & Author

Rachel Johnson is an editor, journalist, television presenter and author. Johnson has written weekly columns for a range of national publications, including the Sunday TelegraphDaily Telegraph, the Financial Times, and The Daily Mail, and she is the former editor-in-chief of The Lady magazine. Her books include Notting Hell, The Mummy Diaries and A Diary of The Lady. She is a panellist on the Sky News debate show The Pledge and has made television appearances on BBC1’s Famous, Rich and Hungry. 


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Event 10: Reality Politics with Rachel Johnson & Stanley Johnson

Alexander McKenzie Stage

Television has always been obsessed with politics both side of the Atlantic – from West Wing to the Thick of It via Yes Minister. But since Trump and Brexit politics and television have intersected in a new way and in real time. MPs have gone into the jungle. Corbyn has appeared on Gogglebox. Ed Balls and […]

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