Mulumba Tshikuka

Mulumba Tshikuka


Mulumba Tshikuka was born in French-speaking Zaïre a fortnight before the 1974 Rumble in the
Jungle, where champion Foreman faced butterfly Ali.

His appreciation for the English language began with Brothers Grimm fairy tales, introduced when
the family moved to Zimbabwe early in the 80s. It set the course for a lifelong attraction to eccentric
characters and a professional stint at world-renowned Cirque du Soleil two decades later.

On a beach in Indonesia in 2010, Mulumba met a nobleman who recounted hilarious stories about
the terrible things he’d lived through, begging a book be written.

‘How to Become King of Bali’ is the trophy from that encounter, an inspiring novel melding the grit of a tireless fighter with the romance of a fairy tale. It is due to be published in 2019.