Louisa Young

Louisa Young


Louisa Young was born in London and read history at Cambridge. As a journalist she wrote mostly for the Guardian, for Marie Claire and for the motorcycle press. Young is the award-winning author of fourteen books, including My Dear I Wanted to Tell YouThe Heroes’ Welcome and Devotion – three novels set across the early 20th century, following the Locke and Purefoy families from the outbreak of WW1 the 1930s; The Book of the Heart, a cultural history of that most vital organ, and A Great Task of Happiness, the biography of her grandmother Kathleen Scott, sculptor and widow of Scott of the Antarctic. She is the adult half of Zizou Corder, authors of the best-selling Lionboy trilogy, which is published in 36 languages.
Her latest book is a memoir of her life with the composer Robert Lockhart, You Left Early: A True Story of Love and Alcohol. In June she release her debut album as a singer/songwriter, also called You Left Early, with her band Birds of Britain.


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