Lara Feigel

Lara Feigel


Dr Lara Feigel is a Senior Lecturer in English at King’s College London, where her research is centred on the 1930s and the Second World War. She is the author of Literature, Cinema and Politics, 1930-1945 and the editor (with Alexandra Harris) of Modernism on Sea: Art and Culture at the British Seaside and (with John Sutherland) of the New Selected Journals of Stephen Spender. She has also written journalistic pieces for various publications, including the GuardianProspect and History Today. Lara lives in West Hampstead, London.

Lara Feigel’s latest book Free Woman was published in 2018.

15:30 – 16:30 Reading as a way of life

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Books are often thought of as a supplement to life. What happens if they become the substance of life instead? Here Josh Cohen and Lara Feigel, two writers who’ve been formed by books, talk about figuring out how to live alongside the writers they love. Lara Feigel’s Free Woman is a unsettlingly honest memoir examining her own experiences of relationships, […]