June Lausch

June Lausch


June Lausch, 66, has been writing poetry for about 20 years and enjoys its pithy quality. She has been published in the poetry magazines Magma and Southbank Poetry and online in Birkbeck Poetry and Advantages of Age. She featured in the anthology Sounds of the Front Bell and in in the Bridport Anthology, after being a runner up. She has also won a few other prizes, which makes it all worthwhile!

Event 15: Tales from the Hot Tub: as told by ‘Advantages of Age’

Queen's Park Community Tent

Ten local writers and poets with a unique take on modern life inspired by nights in a Kilburn hot tub! Advantages of Age is an online magazine and Facebook group which aims to challenge the media narrative around ageing. Co-founded in 2015 by journalist, Rose Rouse and entrepreneur, Suzanne Noble, the idea for AofA was […]

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