Greg Sams

Greg Sams


Gregory Sams is cultural change agent who cut his teeth introducing Britain to natural and organic foods in the ‘60’s & 70’s. In 1982 he launched the original VegeBurger, initiating a market for vegetarian food. Leaving food for fractals, he opened Strange Attractions in 1990, the world’s only shop dedicated to chaos theory, reproducing and licensing millions of fractal images worldwide.This led to his first book, The State Is Out Of Date, a look at how well we self-organize in freedom (republished 2014). His next book, Sun of gOd brings our local star in from the cold, exploring a Universe with both intelligence and design that needs no Intelligent Designer.

Event 3: Local Legend with Greg Sams

Queen's Park Community Tent

A literary brunch with veggie burger king, fractal artist and New Age entrepreneur Greg Sams (founder of Whole Earth foods, creator of the veggie burger, alternative thinker, published writer, entrepreneur), in conversation with local journalist and former Newsnight Editor Stephen Haggard.

Free Event