Caroline Rosie Dent

Caroline Rosie Dent


Caroline Rosie Dent, 59, suffered from profound death anxiety as a child and this led to a lifetime of ongoing enquiry into the nature of death , which resulted in her volunteering with suicidal people for several years before training as an End of life Doula (a companion for the dying). She currently offers person-centred support to people at end of life, and has a particular interest in supporting those living with Alzheimer’s. She runs a monthly Death Café in North London.

She has a deep and abiding love of nature, and spends much of her spare time cycling along the river not far from where she lives in North London. This is the river she wrote about for Advantages of Age in a piece called My Beloved River which is about the healing it has brought.

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Ten local writers and poets with a unique take on modern life inspired by nights in a Kilburn hot tub! Advantages of Age is an online magazine and Facebook group which aims to challenge the media narrative around ageing. Co-founded in 2015 by journalist, Rose Rouse and entrepreneur, Suzanne Noble, the idea for AofA was […]

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