Caroline Bobby

Caroline Bobby


Caroline Bobby, 59, is a psychotherapist, masseuse, cook and writer. She loves Leonard The Dog, Bebe The Cat, her friends, the dance practice that holds her life, poems, cake and bobbing about in a warm sea. If she had a magic wand and three wishes, she’d ask for world peace, a leisurely dinner with Leonard Cohen, and to have found the Fields of Kindness, sooner rather than later. Because the latter is rather abstract, she’d happily trade it in for a voice to sing with, rather than the awful noise that comes out when she tries!

Event 15: Tales from the Hot Tub: as told by ‘Advantages of Age’

Queen's Park Community Tent

Ten local writers and poets with a unique take on modern life inspired by nights in a Kilburn hot tub! Advantages of Age is an online magazine and Facebook group which aims to challenge the media narrative around ageing. Co-founded in 2015 by journalist, Rose Rouse and entrepreneur, Suzanne Noble, the idea for AofA was […]

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