Anthony Costello

Anthony Costello

Professor Anthony Costello studied medicine and psychology at Cambridge University and trained in pediatrics. An award-winning professor of child health, he directed the Institute for Global Health at University College London. Previously he worked for the National Health Service. From 2015 to 2018 he was director of maternal, child and adolescent health at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

Anthony Costello is a well-known speaker and commentator on global health with over 360 academic publications. He spent 20 years studying the science of community participation through women’s sympathy groups in Bangladesh, India, Malawi, Nepal and the UK. Working with health, management, anthropology, economics and nutrition professionals he discovered that groups brought dramatic improvements in maternal and newborn health and survival. He has also chaired three major Lancet Commissions on the health effects of climate change. In 2016 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the British Medical Journal. His own sympathy groups have encompassed a book circle, a soul band, a cricket club, and research teams in different cultures. He lives in Geneva and Queen’s Park, London with his wife and three children.

His new book, The Social Edge, was released in September last year.

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Queen's Park Community Tent

Queen’s Park local Professor Anthony Costello, award winning speaker on global health, the science of community participation and author of The Social Edge, in conversation with local writer and journalist Hugh Pym.

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