Andrew Grady

Andrew Grady


Andrew Grady is a Queen’s Park local, writer and musician whose endeavours continue to stem from a trilogy of projects where he hitchhiked over 70,000km around the world, liaising with philosophers, creatives and musicians along the way. On each instalment he gathered a global consensus on fear & creativity, love and society, to create a celebratory look at our world’s achievements. Andrew’s upcoming projects will continue to focus on the more pressing, entertaining and controversial experiences he encountered on his epic travels around the globe.

12:30 – 13:30 Queen’s Park Voices

Queen's Park Community Tent

Four local writers poets and playwrights discuss their work and read pieces written especially for the Queen’s Park Book Festival. Featuring: Lilly Driscoll, Andrew Grady, Lucille Findlay and Sharmay Mitchell in conversation with author and Queen’s Park Community Tent programmer Hud Saunders.

Free Event